About Crop DeTox

How growing our family lead to growing our family business

It was through a fraught and frustrating IVF journey that my wife and I discovered the power of using electrolysis to remove pesticides, bacteria and other contaminants from the food we were eating.

We already thought we lived a pretty low-tox lifestyle, using natural ingredients to make our cleaning products, and choosing detergents and other household items that were biodegradable.

But it wasn’t until we met with a women’s wellness expert to try and get some help with our IVF heartache, that the penny dropped (and when I say expert, I mean it – she literally wrote the book on wellness).

Like most people, eating only organic was not a viable option for us, so whilst we went to the effort to remove toxins from our clothes, skin and countertops, I was resigned to the fact that we would still be ingesting them into our bodies.

The Lightbulb Moment

I had no idea that there was a third option.

After she revealed to us that we could get rid of a lot of the stuff that causes oxidative stress, simply by washing our produce in electrolysed water, it seemed so simple.

What wasn’t so simple was actually finding a way to do it.

Our search to find a device in Australia that had actually been lab tested to prove it did what the product descriptions promised, lead us to a dead end.



It seemed wild to us that this technology wasn’t already a staple in Australian kitchens.

We knew then that not only did we want this technology to be a no-brainer part of our family’s food routine, but we wanted to make it available to everyone.

And so Crop DeTox was born. Oh and in case you were wondering how our IVF journey turned out, Crop DeTox won’t be the only new addition to our family this year x x x

The Staple In Our Kitchen

the first step in any recipe

My little sous chef, Lola, has been by my side since she could hold her head up.

Now she has her own chopping board and (child-friendly) knives and utensils – and I often find my measuring cups in her toy box.

We meal prep together, make fresh pasta together, and create a helluva lot of mess together. But whatever we’re doing, her favourite step is always the first one: Fill the sink, splash some water, and Crop DeTox.